Unpacking the (HTML5) Holiday Tree

Posted on Dec 16, 2015 in Sundry
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James Jacoby
Chief Technology Officer, Founder

The Moby Holiday Tree is one of our fun, seasonal projects each year. Since its debut in 2013, we've made small updates each year to keep it fresh. Here's a quick look at where it came from and what makes it tick.

Back in 2012, Landau Associates worked with us to create a unique holiday game to include in their holiday mailer. The game featured an adorable holiday village and presented players with an environmental cleanup challenge, which played into Landau's line of business.

Landau Holiday Digger Game

We liked the idea of a holiday microsite so much, we decided to create our own the following year. Of course, this is Moby, so anything worth doing is worth overdoing :)

The Moby Holiday Tree presents a winter vista, focused on a tree adorned by ornaments created by other visitors. By cleverly designing dozens of prefab layers, the site allows anyone to easily create an ornament of their own to add to the tree and share with their friends.

Creating an ornament

The site features several unique features that may not be obvious at first glance.

  • Ornaments are randomly selected and positioned on the tree with each reload
  • There are over 400 possible combinations
  • During creation, the number of tweaks made are tracked for fun and displayed when shared
  • The social sharing messages are determined based on the number of tweaks the creator makes

Each year we crack open the code, chuckle at the cute graphics, and add a couple new features. This year, the site gets improved social media integration and more attractive animated snow!

Now that you know the story, why not take a break from your busy day and make your own ornament?

Create an Ornament

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